The current trend in web development

Standing aside and observe is a no no in this age of modern information technologies development. You want to be at the centre of events in order not to miss a thing. It is necessary to acquire knowledge from all relevant sources and always be up-to-date if you do not want to be on the rewind. 2017 is fast travelling to an end and the internet is really busy creating lots of fireworks for 2018 and this simply means that 2018 will definitely bring something new in the field of web development.

The web development trends are changing rapidly. Yesterday multi-page websites were popular, today the trend for simplicity has brought single-page apps back on the top, artificial intelligence and bots are in high demand and completion as well. Here are some trends you should be aware of when building or rebuilding your website.

Progressive Website Applications

Progressive Web Apps has experienced enormous development and recognition since 2015. PWAs are websites that feel like native mobile apps, reliable, fast and engaging. One important feature is the service worker which is written in JavaScript and acts like a client-side proxy. Users have no slow-respond once the site is loaded and can save a shortcut on their home screen if they frequently use the site. PWAs has been on trend since 2016 and 2018 await the hype around this new but promising technology.

Helpful Bots

2017 has witnessed successful improvement of bots which are now intended to become more direct and personalized so as to deliver a better user experience. Chatbots have been improved to react more human-like especially when you are shopping, it greets you, give advice and make suggestions of products, making it a must for every e-commerce site.

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Welcome back Static, goodbye Flash

Well, I must say even before Steve Jobs published his thoughts concerning flash in 2010, most developers already knew that flash was not going to stay for so long. With giant global players such Google’s YouTube and Netflix switched from flash to HTML5, and flash not supported in some mobile phones, I don’t think most developers would really consider flashing an option when developing applications. We should be expecting better improvement in HTML5, especially HTML5 canvas.

Remember the early years of the world wide web? Websites then were static. The arrival of dynamic websites made websites become more functional, interactive and easier to update. Well, I think static websites are coming back, only that they have been improved by static site generators, some of which allow the combination of a Static Website and a CMS.


There are lots of languages to pick from when developing applications, but there question developers often ask is; on what framework can I write with it? Thanks to JavaScript which has been on the rise since 2016 giving developers the opportunity to work on chat box and progressive web applications, virtual reality, and many other trending things. If there should be one ubiquitous language in web development is should be JavaScript.


It doesn’t only make production swift, it makes it scalable reusable and organizes the codes in a more streamlined way. Frameworks are the big rescue for developers. For instance, writing PHP is as good as writing Python, but using a framework such as Laravel for PHP or Django for Python is awesome. It’s like having all the ingredients prepared and ready for your use. Frameworks enable a developer to complete a one-day program within an hour while writing lesser codes. CSS frameworks such as SASS and Compass are marking their mark by encouraging stable coding, introducing nesting block, real variables and mix-ins.  A completely different way to look into design and layouts.

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Nowadays having a website is more important for the company than having a physical office.

Being ahead of web development trends simply means attracting new customers, while satisfying existing customers and encouraging older customers to return.

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Author: SouTech Team
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