Top Secrets: What Web Developer Must Know About Web Security

Web Security in website application program is the job that any website developer must have learnt during  website app development training but many developers are doing it in a wrong way. Normally, many developers are finding it intimidating nowadays due to the fact that security has been completely isolated from the development process.

Look at me my fellow web developers, if you can’t take web security as a priority during your software development life cycle, your web application will soon turn to the laughing stock because all the data and privacy of the users using the application will be exposed and many sensitive records may be traded on the black market for a small price.

Here are the burning pointers to guide you on the best way to get started and secure that your next application

  1. Don’t trust user input

Many few years ago, all the client side scripting languages didn’t  bother to work on validating and securing what the users are typing or doing on the website but not until recently when HTML started supporting the ability to use some reserved keywords when developing application to secure the frontend interaction.


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Javascript also gave many functionalities that enables the web developers to safeguard how information are moved from the client side to server side without remembering that there are many techy users who can bypass any sanitation done using client side approach.

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My advice to any web developers is to always sanitize their user input using server side approach because it is only when you safeguard your user input from the backend scripting that is when you can say that you have handled user’s input diligently.

Many computer users are fond of disabling Javascript from been loaded on their computer and if a developer just clean user input using Javascript which is a client side scripting language, then the sanitization will not be done and the relevant information and sensitive of the users can be trapped if not secured from the backend.


  1. Should I use whitelisting or blacklisting in my web application

You are thinking of restricting some access level to the web application you have just deployed, it is a bad approach to blacklist because you don’t know which invalid options you may be considering and when you miss something in the invalid options then that can expose sensitive information to the hackers in your web application. That is why it is preferable to whitelist what is valid.


  1. Using Third Party Scripts

I can’t count countless number of times I have used third party libraries when developing application but one bad and funny thing about it is that I am not always at rest and well assured that I am use an error-free application. Third party scripts are the scripts that we use in our own application because it is already coded and we don’t need to write a lengthy lines of code again since they have already done it for us. But one of the side effect of using third party scripts is that many of them are just vulnerable like a piece of code full of bugs. Using too much of unsecured third party scripts can lead to the security of your application being breached especially, if the script is loading from external source.

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  1. Staying up to date

Security update never ends, it is growing every day. Many reports and security vulnerabilities website are sharing their finding on the latest ways to patch security on our web application. What is secured today may be vulnerable tomorrow and web application developer must be on top of their foot now since our community is really fighting on privacy policy. Don’t fold your hands and not making researches that you can use to protect that your deployed web application.




  1. Using Automated Monitoring

How will you feel if you are given the saddle to detect every single vulnerabilities on your web application using manual approach.  You will be exhausted and may not even find the bugs but automated vulnerability scanners like Detectify, OpenVAS, Retina CS Community, MBSA scanner, nexpose community scan, SecureCheq, Qualys Freescan. All those tools can help you to identify and show you the places where your application are vulnerable

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