10 Smart Ways To Drive High Paying Clients To Your Websites  

Most website owners both small and big individuals/companies alike have a daily challenge, which is getting buying clients off their website. This article intend to solve this problem and help you with smart ways to drive like a torrent high paying clients to your website and also get you on first page of google.

If you follow my steps and you are consistent then you should be smiling soonest.

1. A website As A Critical Business Tool: Do you know that no matter how small or big your company, organization is- a website is a very essential business component that is needed to help you drive sales, profit and nice brand impact to your target customers. But you need to understand that a very smart looking website is not all that matter these days, there is need to attract paying clients to your business on a daily basis because this is your guarantee of staying long in business. Victor Chidi O. explains how to create a website that is hard working and getting you the value that you need on a daily basis.

Also you need to know this fact, that very few small and medium scale enterprises have huge budgets to spend on their website. But here is what is of utmost importance: You need to focus on the key objectives, principles when designing, developing, deploying and managing your website so as to give you high return on investment.


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Let us look critically at some steps to ensure you have a website that does the work of say 10 extra staff while you go to sleep.

Don’t always forget that your website is a business component or tool and hence it should be business driven. While having an appealing design is important, remember that the core value your website can give you is customer engagement enhancement, customer communication. Think about it as your online show room. You need to have a consistent branding across all the section of your website (e.g. Forms, documents, online brochures, email newsletters, logo) and even take it offline like your clothing, ID Cards, stationaries, brochures, stickers for cars/laptop etc.

  1. Business-Driven Development: Its is a meta-methodology for developing IT solutions that directly satisfy business This is achieved by adopting a model-driven approach that starts with the business strategy, requirements and goals, and then refines and transforms them into an IT solution”

So you now see that your website as an IT Tool can help you solve problems for your customers instead of just been a mere online document that ads no value to your business.

  1. Consistent Reflection and Review: you may have done so much changes and adaptation to your website and its working perfectly well… getting new enquiries and ultimately clients on a daily basis, it’s important to do a review or reflection on a routine basis. AT SOUTECH we do our regular review monthly as time permits to check across our over 8 websites to see changes that can be done so as to meet the needs of customers and each individual website business requirements.
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Here are few questions to help you review and reflect on your website:

  • Does your website adjust or reflect the changes that happen in that very niche (A portion of a market that you’ve identified as having some special characteristic and that’s worth marketing to)?
  • Are the design, content and graphics still relevant today?
  • Is your website reaching its target market?

One thing to help you achieve this is to talk to your team and even stakeholders or friends to critic your website and you will be surprised at meaningful feedback and new perspectives you will get which will help you go through the design, development and deployment circle again so as to have a more effective website.

4. Unique Design: Yes, you need a very unique design to be appealing and capture the attention of your visitors else they will hit the cancel or back button. These days of fast internet access sped and improved browser performance, graphics and short videos on websites can now be a little big larger and a very important in establishing and telling about your branding and identity. Great unique design will go a long way in telling your website visitors that your business is worth their attention and then patronage. Also track your varying visitors to know your website page view rates, frequently visited pages and who does the visit and through what means/gadgets (PC, mobile). These days you can also get analytics like “referring website”. Let all this information help you to create a unique design that differentiate your website from other websites.

  1. Continuous Development: Some people say once you design a website and it’s live! It’s a done deal. And at SOUTECH Web Consult we can boldly tell you that’s a NO NO! Every website is a work in progress and hence should be continuously development. Now the question is how can you achieve this? Here are my thoughts and advice:
  • Creating an informative blog section for your website and write frequently informative articles for your website visitors. Really this is significant because clients, visitors and search engines love new and fresh content. If Google, MSN, Yahoo search sees that the website content is updated frequently, it will visit a site more often and subsequently increase your website page ranking on search engine result page(SERP). Don’t know how to write? Check this out >>>https://www.buyallsoftwares.com/product/internet-marketing-training-course/ 

6. Getting on 1st Page on Google: Billions of internet users all over the world are looking for products or services online via Google on a daily basis, so it’s crucial that your website is raking on search engines. You might have a small business and think it’s not possible, no you are wrong! Any company can rank high on search engine result page if the use the right techniques and do the right things and are also consistent. However, the process is both simple and complicated ( ha ha ha you might be wondering) because of the fact that search engines are constantly changing their algorithm (In computer science, a search algorithm is any algorithm which solves the search problem, namely, to retrieve information stored within some data structure, or calculated in the search space of a problem domain.- Wikipedia).

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There are two (2) things to rank on search engine

  • Off page SEO ( Every techniques, tricks, marketing done “off the website”)
  • On page SEO ( everything you do on your website in terms of keyword optimization, meta tags, image optimization, content marketing etc)
  1. Digital Marketing Strategy: Yes, you heard it well. At SOUTECH Digital Academy we tell students that digital marketing is a science, an art and of huge important “more of strategy deployment”. You need to be clear on what you want and what components of digital marketing you want to explore to achieve your desired results. You also need to set some short, medium and far reaching long term goals e.g. Daily traffic goal, daily number of enquiries, daily sales goal, daily reach, how many keywords are you ranking for on search engines, visitors satisfaction on your website all these are more are goals you can set and also achieve them in no distance time.

A digital marketing strategy is a simple document that showcases several digital marketing components (email marketing, social media marketing, bulk sms marketing, classified listing marketing, forum marketing, blog marketing, video blogging, file sharing website marketing, info graphics marketing, affiliate display ad marketing, ecommerce marketing, Joint venture/Partner/Link sharing marketing) and how you will implement them on a 27/28/30/31 days calendar routine.

A very consistent combination of all these component on a daily basis while making sure you avoid information overload- Don’t forget to ad value to your readers.

In subsequent articles, I will explore and showcase how you can use a very smart content marketing strategy to drive all the digital marketing components)… Don’t worry. Always check back on this website. Do bookmark and you will never regret smart lessons you will learn from this website.

  1. Invest more in Digital Marketing: Yes that’s it… More and more is happening online. Say I need to get a new or the latest iPhone… bingo I will go to Google and search. Say I need to attend digital marketing training anywhere in Nigeria or I want to take online class for digital marketing, what do I do? Go to Google and search. That’s the new world order and until you not only understand rather also implement this and invest in it, you might be losing big time. So many persons are online looking for products and services, the question is can you be found?

New Online Marketing Methods: In every New Year there is always a new way to advertise online, aside social media marketing, YouTube and pay per click is evolving every day. Are you uncomfortable or unfamiliar with theses?  That’s not to say you are to use all the digital marketing components listed in this article for your business. Don’t forget a good digital marketing strategy will use the A/B testing method in knowing what works best for your business.( Well A/B testing is pretty much the same – though experimenting with just two variants at a time and testing small differences. A/B testing is used to consider how small differences in a marketing campaign might influence customer behavior. This might be the title of a newsletter or email, the text for a banner advert, the text on a call-to-action button or the layout of a web page. The idea is to run two variations of the campaign with a controlled group of customers to see which version is the most successful. You can repeat the tests numerous times to fine-tune your content and improve the effectiveness of your marketing communication.)

  1. Responsive Website Design/ Mobile Friendliness: Is your website mobile friendly? According to statista.com there are 20.5million smart phone users in Nigeria…. Though you have about 90 mill Internet penetration. I.e. that’s to say about 30-40million persons in Nigeria are accessing websites via mobile. Wow that’s a huge number
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  1. Call to Action: Encourage all your website visitors! If you have followed through all the above steps and have systematically implemented them, then you have done the seemingly difficult part, creating a nice, smart and functional website that stands out from your competitors. The last thing you don’t want to forget is encouraging your website visitors to take action. Like we teach students in our Website Design training class, you need to understand information architecture(It is the structural design of shared information environments; the art and science of organizing and labelling websites, intranets, online communities and software to support usability and findability; and an emerging community of practice focused on bringing principles of design and architecture to the digital landscape- Wikipedia) Here you want to present your content( Text, Image, Video, Audios) in a very fashionable manner that will make it easy for visitors to navigate through your website an most important of all, Help them to take action. You might be wondering what kind of actions you want your visitors to take: Include and highlight plenty of calls to action throughout your site. Adding a reminder to “phone us” or “email us” or “click here to buy” is simple – and amazingly effective

And lastly the great news is that no matter how small or big your website is, you can create a more visible, highly functional and effective website on a tiny budget if you follow these outlined nuggets.

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