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Today’s organizations are challenged with rapidly detecting cybersecurity breaches and effectively responding to security incidents. Teams of people in Security Operations Centers (SOCs) keep a vigilant eye on security systems, protecting their organizations by detecting and responding to cybersecurity exploits and threats. CyberOps Associate prepares candidates to begin a career working as associate-level cybersecurity analysts within security operation

Target Certification
This course aligns with the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate (CBROPS) certification. Candidates need to pass the 200-201 CBROPS exam to achieve the Cisco Certified CyberOps Associate certification. The CBROPS exam tests a candidate’s knowledge and skills related to security concepts, security monitoring, host-based analysis, network
intrusion analysis, and security policies and procedures.

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Course Description

The course has many features to help students understand these concepts:
• The course is comprised of twenty-eight (28) modules. Each module is comprised of topics.
• Modules emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and the practical application of skills.
• Each module contains some way to practice and assess understanding, such as a lab or a Packet Tracer activity. These module-level activities provide feedback and are designed to indicate learner’s mastery of the skills needed for the course. Learners can ensure their level of understanding well before taking a graded quiz or exam.
• Some topics may contain a Check Your Understanding interactive quiz, or some other way to assess understanding, such as a lab or a Packet Tracer. These topic-level assessments are designed to tell learners if they have a good grasp of the topic content, or if they need to review before continuing. Learners can ensure their level of understanding well before taking a graded quiz or exam. Check Your Understanding quizzes do not affect the learner’s overall grade.
• Rich multimedia content, including interactive activities, videos, and quizzes, addresses a variety of learning
styles and helps stimulate learning and increase knowledge retention.
• Virtual environments simulate real-world cybersecurity threat scenarios and create opportunities for security
monitoring, analysis, and resolution.
• Hands-on labs help students develop critical thinking and complex problem solving skills.
• Innovative assessments provide immediate feedback to support the evaluation of knowledge and acquired
• Technical concepts are explained using language that works well for learners at all levels and embedded
interactive activities break up reading of the content and help reinforce understanding.
• The curriculum encourages students to consider additional IT education, but also emphasizes applied skills
and hands-on experience.
• Cisco Packet Tracer activities are designed for use with Packet Tracer 7.3.0 or later.

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Course Objectives
CyberOps Associate v1.0 covers knowledge and skills needed to successfully handle the tasks, duties, and
responsibilities of an associate-level Cybersecurity Analyst working in a Security Operations Center (SOC).
Upon completion of the CyberOps Associate v1.0 course, students will be able to perform the following tasks:
● Install virtual machines to create a safe environment for implementing and analyzing cybersecurity threat
● Explain the role of the Cybersecurity Operations Analyst in the enterprise.
● Explain the Windows Operating System features and characteristics needed to support cybersecurity
● Explain the features and characteristics of the Linux Operating System.
● Analyze the operation of network protocols and services.
● Explain the operation of the network infrastructure.
● Classify the various types of network attacks.
● Use network monitoring tools to identify attacks against network protocols and services.
● Explain how to prevent malicious access to computer networks, hosts, and data.
● Explain the impacts of cryptography on network security monitoring.
● Explain how to investigate endpoint vulnerabilities and attacks.
● Evaluate network security alerts.
● Analyze network intrusion data to identify compromised hosts

● Apply incident response models to manage network security incidents

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CyberOps Associate Course – Curriculum

Module 1 – The Danger
Module 2 – Fighters in the War Against Cybercrime
Module 3 – The Windows Operating System
Module 4 – Linux Overview
Module 5 – Network Protocols
Module 6 – Ethernet and Internet Protocol (IP)
Module 7 – Connectivity Verification
Module 8 – Address Resolution Protocol
Module 9 – The Transport Layer
Module 10 – Network Services
Module 11 – Network Communication Devices
Module 12 – Network Security Infrastructure
Module 13 – Attackers and Their Tools
Module 14 – Common Threats and Attacks
Module 15 – Network Monitoring and Tools
Module 16 – Attacking the Foundation
Module 17 – Attacking What We Do
Module 18 – Understanding Defense
Module 19 – Access Control
Module 20 – Threat Intelligence
Module 21 – Cryptography
Module 22 – Endpoint Protection
Module 23 – Endpoint Vulnerability Assessment
Module 24 – Technologies and Protocols
Module 25 – Network Security Data
Module 26 – Evaluating Alerts
Module 27 – Working with Network Security Data
Module 28 – Digital Forensics and Incident Analysis and Response

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