10 Reasons to Become a Mobile App Developer and How to Earn Big

If you have not heard of mobile application development, then you must be completely out of this world. In software development, Mobile application development is one of the trendings that can never be overemphasized. Almost every organisation with the vision of expansion and consumers’ reachability want to have a mobile app, thereby making mobile apps development to gain a tremendous momentum in recent time. No doubt mobile application development has also gained an upper hand in the I.T sector.

While choosing mobile application as a career is an excellent decision, some individuals still find it difficult to carve out a career pattern from this lucrative career path. I have hereby highlighted 10 ultimate reasons why you should become a mobile application developer and earn big.

  1. Information Technology has gone mobile

It is obviously significant; the role mobile has played in the I.T industry. Having a website is good, but not just enough as consumers tend to find local businesses via smartphones. Everyone is going mobile, which means there are lots of opportunities surrounding the mobile applications. Becoming a mobile application developer means your services will be in high demand.


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Mobile App Development in Nigeria


  1. Various open source platforms

Whether you are to build a native or hybrid app, there are open source platforms out there for you to start building your project right away. There is no extra cost needed and you don’t necessarily need to buy any additional tools to build your app with. For hybrid mobile apps projects, Open source frameworks such as Ionic Framework, Onsen, PhoneGap, Framewok7 etc will help in jump-starting your mobile application project.

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  1. Ease of Learning

Front-end developers often use JavaScript, HTML and CSS to design application layout and user interfaces. One of the key programming languages for an application developer to learn is JavaScript or which like PHP is easy to learn though could be difficult to master. With some of the frameworks mentioned above and help from online communities, a beginner can pick up and finish a mobile application project without mastering JavaScript. For iOS native developers, one has to pick up Objective-C or Swift.


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Mobile App Development in Nigeria


  1. Continuous Learning

If you have been into application development for as long as witnessing how a newer version of a particular framework or language can affect the concept of the former, then you definitely agree with me that developers are bound to learn new things each passing day. In mobile application development, there is always something new to learn every day.

  1. Create any App you want for yourself

Sometimes you might have some features you want in an app in mind but cannot find a single app with those desired features in it. As a mobile application developer you can develop that application you imagine. Also, you can create a solution for others by uploading your developed app to various mobile app stores such as Play Store and Apple Store for desired users to download.

  1. Be a coach and train Others

As an application developer, you can train/coach others on how to become a mobile application developer. You can either create a blog where you coach people and update them on new features and guides as regards some frameworks and languages that you might have had experienced in the cause of your various projects while offering support to beginners as regard challenges you might have encountered and been through. Having a YouTube channel is also a way to achieve this.

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  1. Choose when to work and where to work

If you choose to work as a freelancer or build your own mobile applications of which both concepts is lucrative and attracts huge earnings, then you can as well choose where to work from and when to work. Application development allows you to discover your hubbies while working without time and place restrictions. As a developer, coding does not need a specific location, you can work from any location convenient for you.


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Mobile App Development in Nigeria


  1. Sell Mobile apps themes and clones

Have you checked out CodeCanyon or ionic marketplace? You will be amazed to see the awesome applications developers are selling there and how much they are earning from it. You too can be part of them. One good thing about selling your apps, themes and starter-packs is that you do not need to do any modification. Just build once and sell as many times you want to sell them.

  1. Freelancing is good for earning

Another way mobile apps developers earn big is by freelancing. There are lots of platforms out there that to showcase your services and win lots of projects. As a freelancer, you can bid and win more than one project from different platforms while gaining recognition as you progress in building successful applications.

  1. How to earn by providing a solution creating an advertising platform

Building an application that proffer solution such as Whatsapp an Uber would not only gain you reputation but will also create an avenue of consistent income for the developer. An application that proffers solutions will attract users they by creating a platform for you to advertise on.

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